Connect with your Spirit Animals!

Let it advice you in your

personal and spiritual growth.

Listen to your heart.

Listen to the Higher Guidance.

 Listen to the voice of Nature! 

Look into your heart.

Look into the eyes of lion.

See the world and its beauty.

Connect with your Spirit Animals!

Father Sky, Mother Earth,

I am grateful to have you

in my life.

Spirit Animal -

In certain spiritual traditions or cultures, spirit animal refers to a spirit which helps guide or protect a person on a journey and whose characteristics that person shares or embodies. Each animal carry different, important message and qualities. Nature is full of teachings and every being is special, unique and irreplacable.  

I present to you "the Spirit Animal Oracle"
and two exemplery cards from this deck.

Types of reading

  1. Three cards reading - first card – what do I need to know now about this situation for my highest good? second card – what is my next right action to stay in alignment with my highest intentions? third – where could this evolve if I remain on this path?

  2. Three cards reading - first card – what is in motion now? second card – what are the underlying hidden influences here? third card – what do I do now to remain on this path or course correct to remain in alignment with the highest good?

  3. Seven cards New Moon reading - it is useful to do at the beginning of each New Moon cycle to see which Animal Spirit has chosen to help you that month in seven specific areas of your life.  

1 – survival, money, tangible assets, work

2 – intimate relationships, family, dynamics, friendships, your tribe

3 – your personal power, self-worth, how you show up in the world

4 – deeper connections to life, healing past patterns, support for overall well-being and happiness

5 – communication, being heard, owning your voice, how you say who you are to others

6 – imagination, vision, creativity

7 – intuition, spirituality, your relationship to a Higher Power

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