Connect with your Angels 

and Ascend to your

Higher Self!

This deck is focused on awakening, ascension and past life experiences, transformative activation, methods of progressing on your spiritual path.

This deck was created by Melanie Beckler and it is filled with light and angelic energy. To get the message for your highest good I need to channel the messages through my heart center - portal to higher energies. Working with this deck is highly connected to working with angels. Every card has its own angelic being as a guide who assist in the process of ascension..

I present to you "Ascension Angel" Oracle
and three exemplary cards from this deck.

Types of reading

  1. Three card reading:

Basic: Past, Present and Future

Standard: Angelic Guidance, Clarification/ Message from Higher Self.

   2.  Five card reading: (Premium)

A five card reading builds upon the three card situation/challenge/guidance reading to offer additional insight. 

Card 1: Situation (general theme or energy surrounding your question or situation).

Card 2: Challenge (this card speaks to a present or upcoming 

challenge you may be facing).

Card 3: Guidance (this card gives insight into the guidance surrounding your situation, as well as revealing external help you may receive).

Card 4: Focus (this card reveal on to reach your desired outcome. It may also represent a positive intention which will help you in moving forward).

Card 5: This card reveals the potential outcome related to your question when you act upon the angelic guidance you receive).

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