Mother Earth nourishes You and heals You! Love her all Your heart!

This deck was created by Steven D. Farmer. This deck, in particular, contains messages sourced from various Earth elements that will align with Your pre-conscious inner voice to provide answers and counsel for your own questions and concerns. You will understand subtle signs that Nature gives You everywhere, .

I present to you "Earth Magic Oracle"
and twoexemplary cards from this deck.

Types of reading

  1. Three-card reading: Landscape

This spread offers a broader picture of the most critical factors involved in response to your question or concern.

   2. Four-card reading: Relationship

First card: Signifies your contribution to the relationship.

Second card: Represents the other person and his or her contribution to the relationship. 

Third card: The ways in which these energies come together.

Fourth card: Insight and understanding.

   3. Five-card reading: The Cross

First card: Issue

Second card: Subconscious influence of which you are unaware

Third card: External influence of which you are aware

Forth card: What is required for resolution

Fifth card: Resolution

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