La luna invites You to align your energy with the cycle!

This deck was created by Stacey Demarco. It was designed to support your connection with the lunar energy. Each card is related to lunar cycle or seasonal lunar changes. You can use lunar cycle to align your energy with specific vibration. This deck will help you to tune in with your personal growth and spiritual path.

I present to you "Sacred Power" Oracle
and three exemplary cards from this deck.

Types of reading

  1. Three-card reading: Full moon spread

first card: heart of the issue

second card: the challenge

third card: the solution

   2. Four-card reading: Four elements spread

First card - Earth : What is the true issue?

Second card - Air : How can I solve

it via intellect or communication?

Third card - Water : What emotions can

I bring to or release from this?

Fourth card - Fire : How do I move?

What action should I take?

   3. Seven-card reading: New Moon Cycle

First card:  the situation as it is

Second card: what caused the situation

Third card: what obstacles are in the way to resolution.

Forth card: What will happen upon resolution.

Fifth card: An action to resolve.

Sixth card: An action to resolve.

Seventh card: An action to resolve.

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