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The Tree of Life


Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards are the best tool for those of You who follow the path of Shaman or the world of archetypes. This deck is so connected to our Roots, our ancient lifetimes and the world of Spirit. 

I present to you "Mystical Shaman Oracle"
and two exemplery cards from this deck.

Types of reading

  1. Three-card reading-This reading is extremely useful to find the source of blocks and obstacles in matters relating to Work/Wealth, Relationships, Personal and Spiritual Growth, Health and Well-being. Cards represent Past, Present and the possible Future.

  2. Four-card Medicine Wheel reading 

 - first card: south card represents that which you need to let go off, what needs to be shed. It is an old wound that you no longer need to define yourself by.

 - second card: west card represents a part of you that needs to die. It is an old story that needs to be let go so that you may find a new meaningful story for you life.

 - third card: north card represents the wisdom that you need to acquire. You have learned the lessons from the south and west cards. What wisdom is ready to mature within you? What is your great medicine that you are ready to embrace? What are the deeply buried treasures that have become available to you?

 - fourth card: east card represents your possible destiny, the way that you will share your treasures and gifts with others.

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