Nature invites You to merge with the Unity, with the Beauty, with the Love.

Through this deck Nature beckons You to experience a respite deep into the world of beauty, stillness and tranquility that will refresh and energize your being. Take Mother Nature's lead and give yourself the gift of connecting with the ever-present wisdom of the outdoors. You will be saturated in the energy of creativity and clearing. Feel the healing occur in your spirit, your mind and even in your body. Your heart expands with renewed feelings of love and the reconnection to peace is infused throughout your body. Let the Nature bless You.

I present to you "the Nature's Whispers"
and two exemplary cards from this deck.

Types of reading

  1. One-card reading: Extra option for other decks' readings

This offers us an additional guidance. This option is available in mix readings as an additional card.

   2. Two-card reading: Little whispers

Two cards about what should you be focused on to heal the situation.

   3. Three-card reading: Relationship

First card: You and what you are contributing to the relationship.

Second card: The other person, the other person's input into the relationship.

Third card: On which common ground should You work to heal the situation.

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