Two weeks ago, after I dropped out of medical university, I moved to Great Britain - to Scotland. In Poland, to be able to survive one month - pay bills, a flat and have some funds for food - I would have to work at least 8 hours a day. In this situation, there is not much productive time for my life mission, for my passion, for my project. Life in the UK is completely different. Here, working part-time I can easily pay for an apartment, bills and have food. However, if I want to have more and invest in my project - now I need external support. All the decisions I've made lately were for me and the world at the same time. For the highest good. To be able to spread my wings and help as many people as possible, I really care and will appreciate a gift of time and resources that could facilitate this.

  1. I need to buy a domain for a year to be able to have my own website address, open a fully functioning online store, increase page capacity and the number of recipients.

  2. I need to buy myself some time - of course I can't do it literally, however, making a website myself is quite a challenge and takes a long time. Everything that I mentioned in my plans for the future (below), what I plan to add, is a job I want to put in. If I had some help now, I could easily pay the bills, the apartment and then care of creating the content with a lot of useful teachings. Later, I would focus only on working with people, having followed the tedious process of creating a website. Now, in this transition period, between changing the country, abandoning western medicine in the name of a humanitarian mission, and a website-focused period, I need some confidence and time more than ever.

  3. I need a camera and microphone - when opening a YouTube channel, I will need these two elements. I would like to reach many people as soon as possible and also create high-quality personalized meditations and Spotify podcasts that will be spiritual teachings.

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     I would like to present you my development plans for this website. I want to grow and evolve very much and I want the same for the world, including my website. I dream of building a website that will have all the above-mentioned elements that I met on my path and those that I will meet so that everyone can find a way for spiritual development that is best for them.

     Initially, I focus on working with chakras, which can be found in LEARNING and HEALING sections, because I work a lot on this subject myself. In the near future, I plan to develop this site in terms of increasing the number of services - the types of decks of cards that I use to make oracles for you, which can help you in understanding your own situations, but also advise on the level of the highest good. The next step on my path is to develop Instagram and Facebook fan page to connect better with people and the world. In addition, I plan to launch a YouTube channel to speed up my business and increase my audience. The website will contain articles about universal cosmic laws that prevail around us and which you can verify yourself at any time, on your own skin. There will be teachings on karma and astrology. There will be sections related to angels, crystals or plants. There will be energy and articles that worship the world - Earth and Sky. There will be articles about new physics as well as dreams and mind. Promotion of charity actions will appear, because we are one and we should take care of ourselves. There will be free aids and paid services so that I can put in a bit of charity and gain personal well-being either. I want to grow with the whole world and I want to help those who are on this path in the earlier stage than I am. I want to learn from those who are on this path further. We are one friends and I love all of you!

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