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Astrology Forecast #1-2020 will be a year of a huge breakthrough!

Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter are coming! 2020 will be an extremely breakthrough year and we probably all feel the echoes of upcoming changes. Why this year will be so friendly and how to prepare for it? Here are some information so that you can start working with these energies now. In fact, all this is within reach is an extremely rare and important series of conjunctions between Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn (and after that in the sign of Aquarius; but this will be more about 2021).

Conjunction means the moment when the planets "meet" each other at the same level of the zodiac in the same sign. Their meeting initiates a new relationship that will be "persistence" and result from the effects felt until they meet again. Conjunctions signal the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. This is the time to plant new seeds from which a new future will grow. Conjunctions confronting us with the numbers left behind and the available names of possibilities with new possibilities. Time to change the space races.

Three strong space players will 'dance' with each other throughout the year. So below is a brief summary of these cosmic events and some key moments of 2020. The three conjunctions of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will initiate new planetary cycles that will develop over the next decades. This is a real turning point and the catharsis expected by many of us. The changes that are coming are necessary and must happen, but they will probably hit us quite hard. These transits are not just events that you can quickly forget. They will set the tone for a long-lasting process that we cannot completely predict. Much will depend on our level of consciousness and how we use the energy available to us at that time. One thing is certain, these conjunctions will not bypass anyone and start new beginnings for each of us.

The most important dates are:
January 12, 2020 - Saturn and Pluto meet in Capricorn to start a new 33-year cycle.
Jupiter and Pluto meet three times in Capricorn on April 4, June 30 and November 12, 2020, starting a new 12-year cycle
December 21, 2020 - Jupiter and Saturn meet at the first stage of Aquarius, starting a new 20-year cycle. This is a very significant moment of transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

Such a rare arrangement of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto occurs in Capricorn only once every 735 years, marking the total end of the age and the birth of a new paradigm for both individual and collective consciousness. The intensity and impact of these meetings 'at the Capricorn Summit' cannot be underestimated. They will have a long-term impact on social, political and economic structures and our personal lives as well. This is already happening, This dance has already begun, because Pluto and Saturn wander through Capricorn together for the whole of 2019. Surely you have already felt a foretaste of what is to come. There are very intense challenges ahead of us. The year 2019 was a decisive year of ending old ways of being and acting and preparing for new beginnings in 2020.

Space Players

Pluto reveals the true nature of our problems and requires fundamental changes. There is nothing superficial in Pluto. We can only be comforted by the fact that Pluto reveals what we must see so that we can move forward and lead a more conscious and authentic life. Pluto's process is inherently uncomfortable and extremely painful, especially if we resist it. So we have to face each other. Therefore, we may feel emotionally and mentally a little uncomfortable.

Pluto is the part of us that we often try to deny. It is our Shadow, which we do not recognize and which often controls our lives. When we work on our shadow, when we consciously integrate and heal it, we create a powerful alchemy of the soul that turns darkness into light. Pluto is therefore a planet that helps us transform and change profoundly. Therefore, in the case of Pluto, the best strategy is to consent to awakening and truly face what is bothering us, perhaps even throughout our lives. Pluto's promise is freedom from internal torture. For the price of painful honesty. But this is the only way we can gain internal strength and integrity. Only in this way can we experience the evolution of our soul and a positive transformation. The plus is also that after such a trip to the underground world we enter again into life with deeper roots and animated compassion. Dark moments are an organic part of our lives and we must trust them more deeply in times of such a strong transformation.

Saturn is a planet testing us and forcing us to play in accordance with the principles of reality. Saturn is the task manager, not a warm teddy bear. At Saturn, all the cards and facts are 'on the table'. So we clearly see all aspects of physical and material reality that need to be considered. And of course the law of cause and effect, which directs the entire enterprise. This is your path to wholeness and liberation from the chains that bind you. The is a difficult path and discipline lessons are necessary by through you will achieve true freedom. Well, unfortunately, there must always be this 'bad guy' and this is Saturn. Just remember that this beast should be loved. Because when the beast is loved, he becomes a Prince. Saturn is the Lord of Karma, but much of the karma is good. What we put into comes back to us from life. If your investments are right and you use this energy and resources wisely, everything will come back to you soon. Remember that change is inevitable, but growth is optional and requires our effort.

Jupiter gives us hope that from the necessary and difficult changes that Pluto and Saturn require, something positive and useful will emerge. Jupiter creates opportunities and more opportunities, but we must use them. And we must carefully choose the visions in which we invest and follow. Because when Jupiter meets Pluto, he can reveal and enlarge the dark side of what is repressed and hidden in us. Jupiter defines what you think is possible, what you think is truth and what gives meaning to your life. His task is to help you discover your purpose in life and your life vision. It is also your attempt to integrate the Higher Self into the body and instinctive desires. The energy of your desire is transformed through Jupiter into the light of intuition that guides you. Jupiter joining Saturn and Pluto can bring us many gifts and rewards.

Together, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter motivate us to persevere and take action. If we are ready to do the necessary work, take responsibility for our lives, remain grounded in our bodies and focus on our priorities, we can be rewarded with both mature growth and material manifestation.

2020 is therefore a year of:

* huge and necessary changes

It is a year of absolutely necessary changes and transformations that cannot be bypassed. You'll probably see very clearly what's not working in your life anymore and that's why you'll have to make important decisions and make important changes.

* leaving behind what does not serve us

Separations are not easy, but you'd better find something you want to share your life with, otherwise you'll be forced to do it. This is definitely a destructive pattern that doesn't serve you.

* hard work

Saturn continues his journey through Capricorn, where his energy is particularly strong, so hard work really pays off.

* great possibilities

The great power of Pluto is combined with the great responsibility of Saturn and also the great possibilities of Jupiter. This year, therefore, we have a unique opportunity to realize our wildest dreams, if we just want to do the necessary work.

* new structures and new power

The "big reconstruction" is coming and it is not only about your home, although it is a place where it is always worth starting;). Existing structures and even the foundations of our society will change very much.

* taking action for our planet

The topic of the "ecological crisis" will become more and more important. Uranus is in Taurus and Mother Earth will not allow the patriarchal paradigm to continue destroying everything she loves. A profound paradigm shift is already happening and will get worse in 2020.

In connection with all this ... look inside and get in touch with what you really want and why you are here now. Be sure to find out where Capricorn is on your cosmogram and start 'cleaning this house' now;). Make responsible and wise decisions. Because everything speeds up, work consciously to slow down. And, after all, keep a positive attitude to life. This world needs big changes now and needs us. So try to keep the vibration high. Be sure to find practices that will help you feel good in the coming year. And remember that you are not alone in this.

May we wake up to the light of our true nature. May we be free from all suffering.

Each act of love connects us with the cosmic flow and frees us.


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