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Happy New Beautiful Full of Light Year!

Updated: Jan 11

Hello beautiful souls and The Great Spirit! I have a lot of wishes for all of You. I believe in these blessings, that I am going to give You just below. They can be powerful, If you let them to vibrate with You! As we know, every year is full of new situations, perceptions, transformations and I know that this year wasn’t the easiest one but this time I really believe that we are shifting to a better, higher frequencies, especially in this period December 2019 – March 2020. All of the darkness need to come to light, so the light can be in every part of ourselves. The Great Spirit is with us and we can easily tune in to its glorious presence. Stay faithful, don’t let yourselves to be enticed or get tempted into old ways of thinking, feeling or acting. Stay in the place of Your Heart, in the NOW.

I wish You all the best. I wish all the humanity to heal the lineage karmas as much as they handle, to connect with the roots, to once again let yourself to feel safe and sound, stable in the world full of changes, patient in the reality where everything takes some time. I wish You all beautiful light energies to manifest Your dreams. I hope that this year you will wake Your inner warrior up and shine Your truth to the world around You.

I ask the Great Spirit to heal us through unconditional love, deep emotional healing, joy, expansion, teachings of forgiveness and compassion, so we can again merge in trust and innocence. I ask the Great Universe to show us the paths through visions, dreams, signs, synchronicities, so we could constantly stay on the best available vibration!

I wish You all many happy moments, beautiful memories and being synchronized with Your spirit. I believe that your bodies – physical, emotional, mental, but also subtle bodies – will heal and give You more power to create beautiful reality. I wish You all to feel Your bodies’ needs, to have your health in balance and understand all of the signals from our physical avatar. I wish You many blissful moments, acceptance of sexual energy and using it consciously. I believe that everyone will get respect for every other person and it doesn’t matter. I believe that this year will be a bit emotional, but it will be all about deep emotional healing!
I wish You all to develop healthy attitudes, test your beliefs and choose the best one. I believe that all of us will find our personal power nourishing it with good choices based on a free will. I wish You all to open yourself for your most authentic truth and consciously develop, create or discover Your Identity. I believe that everyone, sooner or later, will understand its own true – loving nature.

I wish you everything above but also what You wish yourself alone!

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