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It is done - Great Oracle Update!

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Hello my friend. As I said, I did so. The great ORACLE UPDATE has already been posted on the website. If you click the "ORACLES" tab, you'll see the list of different card decks. Choose and let me create a reading for you. If you have any questions and You want me to help You – click the services or scroll down the page with the most suitable oracle deck for you.

From now on you can choose between different decks of cards. From those associated with the animal world, through earthly elements, shamanic rituals, moon energy or the path of love. There are also decks regarding work with energy, with light, with sacred geometry and crystals. Choose the best for you. In February I have a plan for the ANGELIC ORACLE CARDS UPDATE so stay tuned! These cards are so You could chose between many different decks and find the one that You want me to use it for your personalized oracle answering on your question.

In next few weeks, starting 1st Januray, I will be focused on creating consistent content on Instagram, Facebook, Website’s Blog and a new article weekly. I will also update my Patreon and YouTube channel with some instructions. In following months I will present you many spiritual teachings and healing methods, but also glimpse of quantum physics and many, many, many different topics. Be sure to bookmark this tab, to be up to date, to follow me on Instagram (@matiasakashvani) and on Facebook (@matiasakashvani). This is the beginning of my mission! Become a part of this journey! If you want to help me on my path with making it faster, you should check HELP ME page.

And please remember - You are beautiful light being and you deserve to have the life you want. I wish you all the best!

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