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It's me - Matias Akashvani - and I want to help this world with spiritual evolution!

Welcome on my website! I hope you will enjoy it. I will add new posts and content every week, so please stay tuned my friend! Next update will be the ORACLE DECKS UPDATE!

Welcome, I want you to get to know me better at first. I am a 26-years old Aquarius, seeker of the Truth, modern mystic and the student in the school of life in our beautiful Universe. I spend last 10 years looking for the universal truths. If you want to get to know me better more, then you should visit get to know me website right now.

In next few weeks, I will add a few more oracle decks! The oracles are going to be related to angels, crystals, awakening, ascension, nature, shamanism, sacred geometry, light working, colour therapy and a little more. You will have a big chance to find the most accurate tool I can use to help you my friend, my brother, my sister.

After the ORACLE DECKS UPDATE, I will successively add next pieces of my spiritual cake here! I will present you many spiritual teachings and healing methods, but also glimpse of quantum physics and many, many, many different topics. Be sure to bookmark this tab, to be up to date, to follow me on Instagram (@matiasakashvani) and soon, also on Facebook.

This is the beginning of my mission! Please be understanding with me.

As it is the beginning of my journey and I have created this website on my own, please be gentle with me if you find any kind of errors, mistakes, problems with the website. Contact me about it and I will fix it as fast as it is possible. Because I have just moved in to a different country and I am still learning English, it is quite possible for me to make some mistakes yet. Besides I have a part-time job, I am in the process of making this website, but also working with karma, chakras and putting oracle cards for you. There is a lot to do now and I love this journey, because it is beautiful and transformative for me. If you want to help me on my path with making it faster, letting me to work only with my spiritual mission, you should check HELP ME page.

And please remember - You are beautiful light being and you deserve to have the life you want. I wish you all the best!

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