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Saturn enters Aquarius for next three months!

New astrological year coming with the Spring Equinox on 20.03.2020. Sun enters fiery Aries but what’s more – Saturn enters Aquarius on 21.03.2020! #Oneness #Collective #Technology #Humanitarian

After many years Saturn is coming back to Aquarius - it is the first time since January 1994. The Lord of Karma will stay there till July 1 (Saturn will retrograde on May 11 – September, entering Capricorn again on July 1) and will enter Aquarius again on December 17, when it will permanently settle in the kingdom of the Water Bearer for the next two years. I cannot predict what will actually happen, but I can give you some valuable clues related to previous cycles of Saturn in Aquarius. This relation is really about learning from the past so that a better future can be created. Let’s talk about previous transits which yielded some of the most important turning points of the history of the 20th century.

Saturn in Aquarius, 1962 – 1964: This relation brought us the first transatlantic television broadcast via the Telstar Satellite, the first industrial robot and Beatlemania. 1963 is recognized as a defining year for the Civil Rights’ movement and the largest movement for racial reform ever. As we see there are a lot of technological and humanitarian energies.
Saturn in Aquarius, 1991 – 1994: The Birth of Internet and the end of URSS. Between these years, outstanding technological milestones were achieved, such as the first GMS telephone call, the birth of the World Wide Web project and introduction of the web browser. It helped the world with global communication. In 1992, the compact disc was invented as the preferred medium for recorder music. In 1993 Intel introduced the Pentium microprocessor. These years took part in some social transformations also – dissolution of the Soviet Union into its component republics, Yugoslav Federation breaking up and creation of European Union.

Now, lets talk about relation of Aquarius and Saturn. The ringed planet brings pressure, tests, lessons, trials and even more trials. This energy is inflexible, scrupulous and unbending. Saturn is pushing us to succeed in what we do and he demands us to do our work. This planet is called “Lord of Karma”, it embodies and requires mastery. This mastery is created through sustained effort, repeated mistakes, realistic assessment of our capabilities, skills, weaknesses. There was a time, when Saturn was known as a ruler of Aquarius, but it has changed after Uranus being discovered. Aquarius mission is the creation of a new order, one that is enlightened and inclusive: new rules, equal opportunities, unity in difference. While Saturn deals with authority, Aquarius symbolizes the collective energy: the communities we belong to, the one-to-many connections we relate to, the human groups with which our individual narrative is intertwined. Our involvement in activities that further the progress of humanity, rather than serving our individual goals. It is connectedness - togetherness. When Saturn enters Aquarius, our personal path becomes inseparably linked to the ways of the collective. More than ever – in joy, in victory and failure. Every shift becomes a collective shift. Every act of self-healing soothes the wounds of our people more than ever. Every intention is more powerful on collective. Every dream can change into revolution. What we eat, what we stand for, what we refuse to be a part of, what we purchase, consume and who we associate with. This transition pushes us to get serious about our involvement in group life, society. It requires us to focus less on the “I” and more on the “We”. It is essential in this period to choose people that embrace us, not people that drain us.

There is also some Technological progress on the horizon. That can be a progress related to artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual realities. The one thing is sure – there will be some technological leap and progress that will make another step in our humanity. Talking about relationships – it can transform this part of our lives. From pansexual to polyamory, monogamish to heteroflexible, a new crop of relationship labels is being added to the conventional coupling model that’s been based on survival of the species for eons. Saturn in Aquarius can rewrite the “rules” for how to partner. Even one-on-one types are exploring options like the Living Apart Together model – to accommodate geographical shifts in industries that may prevent from working together full time. The Aquarian “ONE LOVE” mode may puts the A in androgyny (and LGBTQIA) and with Saturn here – more checkboxes to the list.

Whatever the outcome, the spirit of progress will be in the air in the final two weeks of 2020. On December 17, Saturn heads back into Aquarius, followed by boundless Jupiter to days later, on the 19th. The two planets will co-pilot through the Water Bearer’s zone on and off until December 29, 2021, combining their paradoxical powers.

Circle December 21, 2020—also the Solstice—as a major date on the calendar! For the first time since May 31, 2000, Jupiter and Saturn will meet up at an exact degree in the sky, at 0º29’ Aquarius. Astrologers call this event The Great Conjunction, an alliance that only happens once every 20 years!

Although they’re as different as night and day, Jupiter and Saturn make quite the dynamic duo. Jupiter is the abundant growth agent, blessing us with the Midas touch and a gambler’s instinct. Saturn is the cautious auditor, calculating risk and making sure we invest wisely. Their meetup this December 21 will get us thinking: What should we hang onto and where can we let go, in order to catapult ourselves into a new league? Philosophical Jupiter opens our minds and Saturn creates a structure for our thoughts to become tangible actions. And carried on the wings of liberated Aquarius, the spirit of revolution will be in the air!

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