Connect with ancient mystic science of Sacred Geometry.

This deck is focused on sacred geometry - bridge between right and left brain (between intuition and hard science), between duality consciousness and unity consciousness.

This deck was created by Francene Hart. Sacred Geometry is a study of shape and form, wave and vibration, moving beyond reality. It is the language of creation, which exists as the foundation of all matter, and it is vehicle of spirit. These symbols has the ability to balance human energy fields. It can be seen from microcosm to the macrocosm. Sacred Geometry will help us with evolution of consciousness.

I present to you "Sacred Geometry Oracle"
and three exemplary cards from this deck.

Types of reading

  1. Three card reading: Vesica Piscis in Self or relationship

Balancing ying and yang (your female and male energy, your intuitive and rational energy, your emotions and your thoughts).

first card: female energy (intuitive, feelings, yin, Mother Earth)

second card: male energy (rational, thoughts, yang, Father Sky)

third card: common ground, balance between these energies

   2.  Six card reading: Star tetrahedron (Merkaba)

first card: Passion - This is the male part of your being, which is aroused by ideas and encounters. Examining where your passion lies may lead you to know your life path. Cultivating the beauty and intensity of a passionate life requires discipline.

second card: Guidance - How might you be guided as you set things born of passion into motion? Ask for assistance from your guardians, guides and friends. 

third card: Action - Acting in accordance with divine purpose fathers creative energy and your ability to get things accomplished. Ask that purpose in action to be revealed. 

fourth card: Intuition - Becoming receptive to intuition and guidance results in a more integrated personality, one that trusts his or her inner knowing as well as guidance from beyond.

fifth card: Nurturing - Each of us is sustained by both giving and receiving love and recognition for our way of being in the world. Ask how may best nourish yourself and others.

sixth card: Compassion - By learning to feel compassion in your heart and extend it in deed and word into the world, you are contributing to the planetary shift toward unity. 

   3.  Seven card reaading: Seed of Life

Excellent spread to counsult if you are beginning a project, business, relationship.

first card: Seed - It is the seed of your plan, situation. It is the potential held in this moment for ideas, enterprises, and new beginnings. It holds within all possibilities. 

second card: Germination = Action- Ask what it will take to germinate your creative ideas, what action is needed to get them off the ground. This may represent the planning stages of a business venture or a stage in relationship when all is new and fragile. Care for this with tenderness and honesty.

third card: Growth as a dynamic action- Things begin to happen. Movement toward attaining your dreams and visions. It is enacting a business plan, enrolling in classes, time of blissful beginning  in love - exploration and open hearts. Allow this card to inform that growth.

fourth card: ChallengeRecognizing this aspect provides you with the means to face them and grow from the lessons they offer. Don't avoid this aspect. Face obstacles and fears head-on so that they have no power to derail you later. 

fifth card: Strength = Empowerment - This is the place of power that comes from the heart. It is the power to, not power over. Seek how you may cultivate the power of your abilities. Ask how you might encourage the strength of others.

sixth card: Flowering = Culmination of attention and intention -

It is the beauty of a plan coming together. It is the truth of the matter and the best outcome. Use this card to see the flowering of your efforts.  

seventh card: Fruit = Food for body and soul - It is the maturation of plans and ideas. It is growth and love fulfilles. Use this card to activate the intention that the seed you are planting develops and bears fruit. See and feel this fruiting as already complete.

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