Sacred Spirit invites you

to heal your life!

This deck is a little less spiritual than "Sacred Spirit" and more related to our daily life in the physical reality. The reading consists of: the meaning of the card and the affirmation.

This deck was created by Anna Stark, illustrated by Louis Dyer. It was designed to support your intuitive growth and awareness of your deep connection within the universe. There are many hidden symbols, shapes, numbers to transform your energy. You can find archetypes references to assist in deeper understanding of the human spirit and psyche, giving greater depth to readings and personal influences. 

I present to you "Sacred Power" Oracle
and three exemplary cards from this deck.

Types of reading

  1. One-card reading: Activation

This reading is the glimpse of the situation. It is like a mini ritual of activation in the best possible direction at this moment.

   2. Three-card reading: Issue, Challenge

First card: ISSUE - What is this issue? How has this happened to me? This card will assist you in uncovering the cause of the issue on a deep level.

Second card: INFLUENCE - What is influencing my life right now? Look at the energies surrounding your present state of being. How is this affecting your life right now?

Third card: OUTCOME - How can I rectify this issue in the future? What suggestions can be made to bring empowerment and inspiration to make this outcome positive?

   3. Six-card reading: Power pyramid healing spread

First card:  The primary emotional block or issue from the past, limiting self-growth.

Second card: How this emotional block affected relationships with others in the past.

Third card: How this emotional block is affecting relationships with others in present.

Forth card: The lessons that can be learnt from this block.

Fifth card: The steps that need to be taken to encourage self-healing.

Sixth card: The guiding spiritual force to be followed, in the future, for self-healing.

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