Sacred Spirit invites you

to heal your life!

In this deck, reading consists of:

1. Meaning of the card

2. Shadow aspect (what dense energies can you experience during the healing)

3. Advises about crystal and angel assistance.

4. Affirmation.

This deck was created by Anna Stark, illustrated by Louis Dyer. It was designed to support your intuitive growth and awareness of your deep connection within the universe. There are many hidden symbols, shapes, numbers to transform your energy. You can find archetypes references to assist in deeper understanding of the human spirit and psyche, giving greater depth to readings and personal influences. 

I present to you "Sacred Spirit" Oracle
and three exemplary cards from this deck.

Types of reading

  1. One-card reading: Activation

This reading is the glimpse of the situation. It is like a mini ritual of activation in the best possible direction at this moment.

   2. Three-card reading: Challenge, issue

First card: CURRENT SITUATION- Your current position in life.

Second card: CHALLENGE  - What is behind you that is still influencing you?

Third card: ACTION - The possible outcome/ how to move forward based on current events?

   3. Six-card reading: Life guidance spread

First card: Person asking the question in current situation, centre of the reading.

Second card: The past issues impacting the current situation.

Third card: Current or near-future challenges facing the questioner.

Forth card: The hidden influences affecting the questioner.

Fifth card: The external influences affecting the questioner.

Sixth card: How to move forward given the previous cards.

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