Connect with the Spirit of Wildlife!

Listen to your heart.

Listen to the Higher Guidance.

 Listen to the voice of Nature! 

Look into your heart.

Look into the eyes of lion.

See the world and its beauty.

Connect with the Spirit of Nature!

Father Sky, Mother Earth,

I am grateful to have you in my life.

Spirit of Nature -

It is a wild energy, that creates the shape of reality with a Grand Evolution. Wild animals are synchronized with this Great Spirit and that is why the birds can fly in the V-formation and fishes are able to swim in schools so ideally that they almost look like one organism. We - human beings - are able to synchronize with the Nature too, but our current civilisation went out of balance. That is why we are now progressing so fast with our spiritual growth in order to become once again harmonious with Nature.  

I present to you 
"the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit"
and two exemplery cards from this deck.
  1. Past, Present, Future (three cards reading) - this will show you who you were, who you are and who you will be. The past is dynamic, the present is the situation and the future is potential.

  2. The Path, the Obstacle (two cards reading) - it shows a problem and the solution. The path card lays vertically and the obstacle card horizontally.

  3. Relationship spread (four cards reading) - it shows what is going on between two people. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the relationship spread. It holds a mirror up to your heart. The first card is You, the second is the Other person, the third is the shadow dynamic and the last one is the illuminated dynamic.

  4. Year ahead spread (thirteen card spread) - the perfect reading to celebrate a birthday or a new year. Each card represents the essence of the month, and the card in the center represents the overall theme of the year. 

Types of reading

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