Connect with your Soul's Highest Truths.

This deck is focused on awakening, ascension and past life experiences, transformative activation, cosmic origin of your soul and higher octaves of vibration on Earth. 

This deck was created by Rebecca Campbell and it is divided into five suits: confirmation cards, inquiry cards, action cards, activation cards, transmission cards. You are stepping into soul space through the portal of your heart, where all wisdom, love, guidance, and support reside.

I present to you "Work your Light" Oracle
and three exemplary cards from this deck.

Types of reading

  1. Two-card reading: Soul Callings

This is the great for getting dialog with your soul. This two card layout will provide clear guidance on what your soul is calling you toward. 

First card: What is falling away

Second card: What is rising in you

   2. Three-card reading:Holy Trinity (Head, Body, Heart)

First card: The head, mind.

Second card: The body, health, wealth.

Third card: The heart.

   3. Eleven-card reading: Cosmic cross

First card: Where you are in present time

Second card: What your soul is calling you to do

Third card: What is rising in you

Fourth card: What is falling away

Fifth card: Soul Gifts

Sixth card: What is being manifested

Seventh card: The next step

Eighth card: Past-life influences

Ninth card: What you need to know

Tenth card: Hopes and fears

Eleventh card: Potential outcome

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